“Hello, handsome and interesting person… Oh, you loved that sci-fi book I haven’t heard of? You’re no longer interested in me because I haven’t read said book?”

This ever happened to you? Well you can thank your lucky asteroids we’re around to help you deepen that sci-fi knowledge. We’ll send you recommendations every other week (once we get going) and you’ll have those handsome and interesting people hooked with your encyclopedic knowledge of great sci-fi, plus you’ll be able to fill your bookshelf/electronic doodad with great reading material. The downside is, you’ll have to find new ways to weed the shallow, judgy people out of your life.


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About John

John is a storyteller with design and development skills. By day he designs and builds websites and mobile apps, by night he spins sci-fi stories at StoryLab and counts his words carefully at https://8wordstories.com. He has a wife, five kids, six cats, four dogs, and a small army of fish. If he remembers to wear pants, it’s been a good day.

Ask him questions, compliment his tastes in thirteenth century Greenlandic literature, and argue with him over minutia (like whether Greenland had any independent literature in the thirteenth century) on twitter @storykaboom